Monthly Archive: March 2014

Mar 28

Earthbound Episode 6: The Original Music

Did anyone notice that Earthbound Episode 6 featured quite a bit of new music?  No?  Well, for the latest episode, we wrote several new tracks using recognizable themes from Earthbound.  We also utilized the original soundfont from the game, to give it that authentic Earthbound feels. Now you can download all the music we wrote for the latest episode, which …

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Mar 03

Sam & Max: Best Game Never Released?

Today, on the ten-year anniversary of what can only be described as THE GREATEST TRAVESTY THAT HAS EVER ROCKED MANKIND TO ITS CORE, we remember the cancellation of what could have been the greatest point-and-click graphic adventure game – nay, the greatest game, period – of all time:  Sam & Max:  Freelance Police. And who …

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