Monthly Archive: October 2012

Oct 20

Earthbound: Part Two

PRE-ORDER NOW FROM THE RIDGWAY FILMS STORE After over a year of no tangible Earthbound releases, we finally, finally have some good news – we are very nearly done working on our latest DVD, Earthbound Part Two!  And seeing how today is the official five-year anniversary of us beginning the series, what better way to celebrate than by formally …

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Oct 19

“Super Creepy Pokemon Hack” – The Dramatic Reading!

Recently, we were asked to contribute a segment to Fangamer’s podcast on the subject of non-horror games that are scary.  Specifically, we were asked to do something related to creepypasta.  And so, we decided to do a dramatic reading of the original story that started it all for us – “Super Creepy Pokemon Hack,” better …

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Oct 08

New Old Videos!

Just recently, I got around to posting three “new” videos from our backlog of stuff we’ve been meaning to put online.  Check them out! Diddy Kong Racing – a stop-motion animation I made at age seven, and as far as I can remember, the very first movie I made without help.  The story is about Diddy …

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