Monthly Archive: July 2011

Jul 27

Earthbound Episode 6 – Principal Photography Update #2

Time for another update on Earthbound Episode 6 shooting.

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Jul 19

Earthbound Episode 6 – Principal Photography Update #1

The title says it all – we’ve jumped right back into heavy shooting days for the next Earthbound episode! Last time I updated, I had told you guys that we shot major portions of Episode 6 last summer but put shooting on hold.  Since that time, we’ve had a chance to re-think and refine the …

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Jul 14

The Twisted Tale of Earthbound Episode 6

Earthbound Episode 6 shooting began on July 26, 2010. Wait, what? You heard us right, Episode 6 has been partially shot since late summer 2010. The obvious next question would be “Why?”  Well, let us explain ourselves as much as possible – doing this was a pretty crazy move for us, and the reasons seem …

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Jul 08

South by Southwest

You may have seen it mentioned in previous posts, but here it is, at long last, in its full glory – our week-long family vacation, presented in video form and titled South by Southwest.

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Jul 03

Happy Birthday,!

Once again, we forgot to do this on the day of, but yesterday our website turned two years old! So yeah, celebrate good times!