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Dec 27

Belated Merry Christmas from!

A big thank-you to all our fans for keeping in touch and checking out our cool films from the past year!  Enjoy the remainder of the holiday season! UC9eNO8AYfSsMbqQ5JcA3ITA

Mar 28


Hey everybody!  Did you know we’re planning on appearing at some conventions in the near future?  It’s true! Anton and myself (Elliott) will be attending the Heartland Gaming Expo in Tulsa, Oklahoma to showcase our hot indie adventure game title, The Idiot’s Tale, which we’ve been quietly toiling away on for the past several years.  We’re hoping …

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Dec 24

Merry Christmas from Ridgway!

Dec 05

The Midnight Con is BACK! And It’s FREE!

It’s the film that just won’t go away!  The Midnight Con, our original feature film project from 2012, has finally been released online for free, after being kept apart in that awkward realm of paid online viewing for years.  That’s right – you can now watch the film in its entirety on YouTube.  So what …

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Jun 23

After-Party Movie-Making!

More Camp Fangamer news!  Elliott and Anton are planning to goof around after the official end of the first convention day and make a movie, and we need YOU to come help us make it!  It may be EarthBound-themed, it may not be!  At this moment in time, we have no plans for this movie …

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