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Feb 09

Rolemancing Season 1

In the intervening years since peak activity here at Ridgway Films, a lot of us have moved on to individual projects. Robert Thomas (probably best known for Ron in the Harry Potter videos and Lucky in the Earthbound series) has been hard at work on various film projects at Wichita State University (check out their body of work here!)  Their …

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Dec 05

The Midnight Con is BACK! And It’s FREE!

It’s the film that just won’t go away!  The Midnight Con, our original feature film project from 2012, has finally been released online for free, after being kept apart in that awkward realm of paid online viewing for years.  That’s right – you can now watch the film in its entirety on YouTube.  So what …

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May 31

The State of the Ridgway Films Address

Hey guys!  Elliott here.  A lot of stuff has been going on for us, project-wise.  Just wanted to give everyone a quick update on the status of everything. EARTHBOUND (and where the heck is it) The constant question seems to be “Why aren’t you guys still working on Earthbound?”  The first half of Episode 6 was recently …

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Apr 05

Classic Ridgway Films Shorts, Now with Commentary and Outtakes!

More unreleased old stuff from the Ridgway Films archives!  Since The Fabulously Random Junk Videos of Sweetness DVD has been out of print for awhile and will probably never come back, I decided now is a good a time as any to release the original commentary tracks and raw footage reels from that DVD, for general consumption. …

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Sep 26

New Old Stuff!

We recently uploaded a couple of backlogged video projects with older content.  Check them out! First up, we have Guys and Dolls Jr. Backstage Silliness, the final, era-ending chapter in the illustrious ACT I backstage silliness saga.  Originally filmed in 2012 during the ACT I’s summer performance of Guys and Dolls, this video seeks to answer many …

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