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Jul 26

Threepcast Episode 5: That Woodstock Place Mom and Dad Are Always Talking About

What’s this???  Is Threepcast really back?  It is indeed!  In this triumphant return episode of our adventure game-centric podcast, we gush over Day of the Tentacle, our very first experience with adventure games.  We also talk about the King’s Quest reboot, whether Minecraft: Story Mode will be any good, and how to get LucasArts adventure game characters into Disney …

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Jun 15

Threepcast Episode 4: Nur-Ab-Sal Made Me Do It

Episode 4 of Threepcast begins with our intrepid ‘casters discussing such varied topics as community plays, F-bombs, and arthritis mice.  Then, E3 and the Grim Fandango remake are discussed (we’re so topical!).  The guys then cover Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis, discussing the game’s puzzles and story, separating fact from fiction concerning the game’s representation of the …

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May 22

Threepcast Episode 2: Ask Me About Loom

In this episode of Threepcast, Anton joins the podcast to cover Loom, the oft-misunderstood LucasArts fantasy adventure.  Elliott powers through the Wikipedia article for Loom in a new segment on the show, and Phil discusses the screams of Bobbin Threadbare.  Then, the podcast has the longest possible wind-down as the boys discuss everything from superhero movies to pictures of …

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May 17

Threepcast Episode 1: Rubber Chicken

Welcome to the pilot episode of Threepcast, a podcast dedicated solely to adventure games!  Hosted by noob podcasters Elliott and Phil Ridgway, this episode starts off by delving into possibly the most famous adventure game of all time – The Secret of Monkey Island.  What could possibly go wrong?