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Earthbound: The Series

Earthbound:  The Series is a seven-part miniseries based on the cult classic Super Nintendo RPG by the same name.  The series follows four young individuals tasked with saving the earth from an impending alien invasion. Originally inspired by the style of UbseyMovies’s EB Saga video series, the Ridgway brothers set out in late 2007 to pay homage to that series.  Eventually, they decided to branch away and discover their own path for adapting the game to film.

Earthbound Episode 1
From the beginning to defeating Captain Strong | 29 minutes | Released August 15, 2008

Earthbound Episode 2From Twoson to Threed hotel kidnapping | 30 minutes | Released November 22, 2008

Earthbound Episode 3From Winters to Saturn Valley coffee break | 40 minutes | Released June 1, 2009

Earthbound Episode 4From Threed hotel to Pokey’s helicopter escape | 47 minutes | Released February 28, 2010

Earthbound Episode 5From Plague Rat of Doom to Master Barf | 55 minutes | Released May 25, 2011

Movie Banner - Earthbound Episode 6 Complete
From the defeat of Master Barf to Fire Spring | 44 minutes | Released January 31, 2014 / September 27, 2015

Movie Banner - Earthbound Episode 7 Teaser

Movie Banner - Earthbound Fan EpisodeBonus episode, in which the Ridgways reboot the series based on fan suggestions
47 minutes | Completed November 3, 2012


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