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Midnight Con Thumbnail  The Midnight Con DVD

Jess Monroe is being driven crazy by her annoying, Midnight-obsessed little brother Shae. In an effort to enact ultimate revenge on him, she enlists the help of pseudo-boyfriend Kyle and conspiracy nut Needles in order to abandon Shae in the middle of nowhere, under the pretense of taking him to a Midnight convention. However, the plan backfires in her face, leaving the four of them stranded in the middle of nowhere without money, cell phones, or transportation. And as the series of disasters escalate, the question becomes – will they ever get home?

  • The complete, feature-length film, presented in stunning, standard DVD resolution!
  • Five minutes of hilarious outtakes!
  • Three deleted scenes!
  • The storyboard sequence for the finale scene!
  • Director’s commentary with Elliott Ridgway and Robert Thomas, joined by Matthew Thomas (Needles)


Amazon Instant Video (DVD Quality) ($1.99 to rent, $3.99 to buy)


Earthbound 2 Thumbnail  Earthbound:  Part Two DVD

The wait has been long and arduous, but we can now finally present to you Earthbound Part Two, a DVD nearly four years in the making.  Watch the new commercial, or read below to find out what’s waiting for you on this brand-new two-disc DVD set that’s begging to be bought:

  • The next two Earthbound episodes – Dark Side of the Moon (newly remastered for DVD) and Cake – in their original, uncensored entirety
  • Earthbound:  From the Fans with Love, a brand-new, never-before-seen 45-minute DVD exclusive episode, comprised of YOUR YouTube comments that you submitted a year ago!
  • Bonus shorts, including Capitalism, Anton’s Earthbound Birthday Party 2009, and Mother 3: The Movie!
  • All three production diaries from Earthbound Episode 5!
  • Deleted scenes from Episode 4 and 5!
  • Outtakes and raw footage reels from every major video!
  • Audio commentary by Elliott, Anton, and Phil Ridgway on nearly every video!
  • Trailers! (Some of them never before released!)
  • Storyboard sequences (never before seen!)
  • Photos from the shoots!
  • Perhaps a surprise cameo or two?



Spampy's Deep-Fried Films Spampy’s Deep-Fried Films

The follow-up to The Fabulously Random Junk Videos of Sweetness, this two-disc DVD set from Ridgway Films compiles and catalogs everything we’ve done from 2010 through 2011.  We crammed as much as we could into two dual-layer discs, so if you’re a fan of our weirder, non-Earthbound  videos, this DVD is for you!  Watch the commercial, or check out a list of what’s on this DVD:

  • Creepypasta, our most-viewed short film!
  • Tons of other short films, including Phil Vs Wild 3A Boy and His Blob Episode 1, Starfox 64 3D, and more!
  • Never-before-seen / barely-seen short films!
  • All the Ubsey parodies we’ve done, including the Milkshake choose-your-own-path-adventure (fully playable on the DVD!)
  • Two full-length road trip videos – South by Southwest, and the never-before-uploaded-in-its-entirety Colorado Mystery Tour!
  • Audio commentary on nearly every video from Elliott, Anton, Phil, and Alex Ridgway, with Robert Thomas, Brenen Hankins, and Andrewblake Cullen-Madison.  Listen to us become more and more delusional as commentary recording drags on into the late hours of the night!
  • Over an hour of raw footage, hilarious outtakes, and deleted scenes
  • Even more unreleased films and Easter eggs scattered across the two discs!


Earthbound Part One Earthbound:  Part One DVD

It’s 199X, and the aliens are invading!  Now you can bring all the fun of Ness and his friends off of YouTube and into your homes!  What began as an homage project to UbseyMovies’s excellent Earthbound Saga (which, in turn, was an intentionally low-budget interpretation of the classic SNES game Earthbound) quickly got carried away to the resulting DVD that is only a couple of clicks away from being nestled in with all your better movies.  What awaits you on this magical disc-like object?  Well…

  • The first three Earthbound episodes – Old Hamburger, Blue-Blue, and Zoom Boing!!! – in their entirety
  • Audio commentary for all three episodes from Elliott, Anton, Phil, and Alex Ridgway, joined by cool guys Robert Thomas and Brenen Hankins
  • PSI Documentary Alpha – the shocking (not) behind-the-scenes documentary detailing how and why we made these episodes
  • Retro-style Earthbound menus, complete with a “Don’t Care” button (just like in the game!)
  • English subtitles, plus a bonus “status line” subtitle track for the obsessive Earthbound fan in all of us!


Random Junk Videos of Sweetness

The Fabulously Random Junk Videos of Sweetness DVD

If anyone was remotely interested in a thorough compilation disc of every single short video we made in and around 2009, look no further than here!  This disc is packed with content… not all of it quality content, but nonetheless packed!!!  And it’s dirt cheap!!!


(If you’re looking for a DVD that’s no longer listed on the website, shoot us a private e-mail and we’ll see if we can help you out.)

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