Oct 20

Earthbound: Looking Back 10 Years Later

Wow, has it really already been ten years since we embarked on this crazy quest to adapt the entirety of Earthbound to film?  It’s kind of hard to believe.  If you had told Phil and me, way back on that chilly Saturday in October 2007 as we snuck out of the house to go to the park and film scenes from EarthBound Saga, that we would still be working on this project ten years later, we probably would have just said “Whoa, are you like, from the future?” and then blithely ignored you as we went on our merry way.

A lot has happened since the beginning, obviously.  Most of the original cast, originally in high school when we began, have since gone on to college and fabulously corporate jobs.  Two members of the cast have gotten married.  And in all that time, episodes of this long-winded project of filming Earthbound have continued to trickle out at a (somewhat) steady pace.

We had originally planned to release Episode 7 something much cooler on the ten-year birthday of this project, but short of having something much cooler ready to release, we decided to dig way back into the EARTHBOUND ARCHIVES to present you guys with some pretty neat-o old stuff.  Since the Earthbound Part One DVD has been out of print for quite awhile now, we thought now was the appropriate time to finally release that DVD’s bonus features onto the Internet for all to enjoy.  To that end, we present you with PSI Documentary α, a 17-minute documentary on the making of the first three episodes, as well as 2009-era commentary tracks from the same first three episodes.  For those who don’t know the full story of how/why we created these episodes in the first place, we highly recommend watching the documentary first, as we do a much clearer job of explaining that than we do on the commentary tracks.  Enjoy!!!