Monthly Archive: May 2016

May 30

Threepcast Episode 14: Dial Z for Zork

In this episode of Threepcast, your hosts the Ridgways venture back to the dawn of adventure gaming to play the landmark text adventure game – Zork I: The Great Underground Empire.  Discussion includes the history of Zork, how it influenced later games, and whether the game is still palatable for modern gamers.  But don’t listen to this podcast in …

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May 09

Threepcast Minisode 2: Day of the Niggles

This minisode of Threepcast covers the brand-new, long-awaited Day of the Tentacle Remastered! Elliott, Anton and Alex go into (somewhat) excruciating detail about version differences, and we discuss the pros / cons of the game’s artwork, music, remastered voices, interface, and bonus features.