Monthly Archive: March 2016

Mar 28


Hey everybody!  Did you know we’re planning on appearing at some conventions in the near future?  It’s true! Anton and myself (Elliott) will be attending the Heartland Gaming Expo in Tulsa, Oklahoma to showcase our hot indie adventure game title, The Idiot’s Tale, which we’ve been quietly toiling away on for the past several years.  We’re hoping …

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Mar 26

Day of the Tentacle – 2016 Update!

Recently, Day of the Tentacle Remastered came out (which, by the way, you should go buy if you haven’t done so already).  Believe it or not, we’re tangentially related to this, because during the development wrap party over at Double Fine, the Remastered team sat down to watch our old Day of the Tentacle movie!!! While this is …

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Mar 18

Threepcast Episode 12: The Podcast Is Not Dead

On this episode of Threepcast, we finally get around to reviewing Strong Bad’s Cool Game for Attractive People!  Do these Telltale episodes capture the thoroughly surreal Homestar Runner universe?  Can we determine which episode is the best?  Will we stay focused and prevent the podcast from descending into a Strong Bad quote-a-thon?  Listen and find out!  Next …

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