Monthly Archive: October 2015

Oct 28

Threepcast Episode 8: All Cutscenes And No Play Makes Don a Dull Boy

Halloween is nearly upon us!  To celebrate this most spooky time of year, Elliott, Anton, and Alex review Sierra’s most infamous horror FMV adventure game – Phantasmagoria.  We also discuss the new Day of the Tentacle Remastered screenshots, recount a pilgrimage to Double Fine headquarters, and enjoy some adjectives with Alex.  Next month’s game will be the Nintendo …

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Oct 12

The Amiibonator

Yet another new film has surfaced!  The Amiibonator tells a harrowing tale of murder, time-travel, and… Amiibos?  Watch to find out how these seemingly disparate elements seamlessly blend into an artistic, cohesive whole! This short film is the result of our after-hours movie making project at Camp Fangamer back in July.  It was filmed using random …

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