Monthly Archive: June 2011

Jun 27

Improvised Guitar Solos: On the Road 2011

We recently took a week-long family vacation to explore the American southwest.  Along the way, we filmed (among other things) our dad playing free improvisation guitar solos in front of various wild, impressive, and strange vistas that we found during our trek across the country – locations include the Grand Canyon, the Petrified Forest in …

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Jun 10

A Request for Fan Comments!

One of our favorite parts about making Earthbound is simply getting to interact with such a creative, vocal fanbase.  Now, we’re giving you, the Earthbound fans, a chance to participate in what we’re doing! On the second Earthbound DVD (on which, by the way, production has not yet started), we’re going to be filming a …

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Jun 05

Milkshake: A Malti-Path Adventure

Here is our entry for the UbseyMovies 2011 Fan Art Contest – a gripping, surreal, choose-your-own-path adventure made of various UbseyMovies parodies, the main one being Milkshake!  Can YOU save Jon from the angry gardener?  Can YOU spot all the UbseyMovies parodies?  Can YOU figure out what on earth is going on? Let us know …

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Jun 03

A Shout Out to menwithmachineguns

So, Episode 5 has been up for about a week now, and the feedback from you guys has been very positive!  We’re really excited that you all have enjoyed this latest episode so much – it was a lot of work to make, and there were several stretches during production where I wasn’t sure if …

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