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Mar 26

Day of the Tentacle – 2016 Update!

Recently, Day of the Tentacle Remastered came out (which, by the way, you should go buy if you haven’t done so already).  Believe it or not, we’re tangentially related to this, because during the development wrap party over at Double Fine, the Remastered team sat down to watch our old Day of the Tentacle movie!!! While this is …

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Dec 05

The Midnight Con is BACK! And It’s FREE!

It’s the film that just won’t go away!  The Midnight Con, our original feature film project from 2012, has finally been released online for free, after being kept apart in that awkward realm of paid online viewing for years.  That’s right – you can now watch the film in its entirety on YouTube.  So what …

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Jun 23

After-Party Movie-Making!

More Camp Fangamer news!  Elliott and Anton are planning to goof around after the official end of the first convention day and make a movie, and we need YOU to come help us make it!  It may be EarthBound-themed, it may not be!  At this moment in time, we have no plans for this movie …

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Jun 10

New Earthbound Short: That’s a Wrap!

Our brand-new short film has been submitted to Camp Fangamer’s Earthbound Film Fest!  Check out these photos and a totally non-facetious production diary from the shoot! Come to Camp Fangamer in July to be among the first to see the short!

May 09

New Short Films Incoming!!

  Hello Internet!  It’s been too long.  We haven’t been updating our social media outlets much lately, but nonetheless we’ve been hard at work on brand-new film projects.In case you haven’t heard, Fangamer is going to be hosting an Earthbound-themed convention this summer.  It’s sure to be a worthy follow-up to 2013’s Earthbound Baaaash!!  One …

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