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Jul 05

Harry Potter and the Extended Universe

Surprise!  After a five-year hiatus, the Ridgway Films gang has returned to the wizarding world of Harry Potter for our fourth parody short film.  But wait – the last one was called The Final Video!  What are we doing making another one?  Well, in case you haven’t noticed, reboots, remakes, and spinoffs are all the rage …

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Feb 09

Rolemancing Season 1

In the intervening years since peak activity here at Ridgway Films, a lot of us have moved on to individual projects. Robert Thomas (probably best known for Ron in the Harry Potter videos and Lucky in the Earthbound series) has been hard at work on various film projects at Wichita State University (check out their body of work here!)  Their …

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Aug 22

League of Legends: More Important than Real Life?

The comedy duo of Mark and Alex return for a fifth outing in “LEAGUE OF LEGENDS:  MORE IMPORTANT THAN REAL LIFE?”  This short film seeks to answer the age-old question:  “Does League of Legends take precedence over significant life events, like weddings?”  The answer is yes may surprise you in this brand-spankety new video! (Special …

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Aug 14

Camp Fangamer 2016: A Recap

Another Camp Fangamer has come and gone, and it left in its wake countless unforgettable memories.  It was amazing to once again celebrate the Mother series with others in such a huge, unique way.  Every year I’m taken aback at how warm and friendly the Mother community continues to be, and the experience of bonding at a weekend camp …

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Apr 03

The Idiot’s Tale Commercial!

We just released a commercial for our upcoming point-and-click game, The Idiot’s Tale!  Check out the vintage in-your-face marketing styles: Again, we’re hoping to have the game out this year, but you can come play it early at the Heartland Gaming Expo on April 9th and 10th! Also, go to our other site for more details!

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